What our Customers say...

Commercial Testimonials

Thank you Justin.  Your team did an Excellent job and I was glad to meet them and have Steve on point.  WELL DONE.

Thank you again.  You were MOST responsive, and team SERVPRO did a GREAT JOB.  I will be happy to refer anyone I know that may need your services.


Thank you Heather and the rest of SERVPRO!   

  I'm not sure what words can fully express my extreme gratitude for the amazing job your team did.  Everyone on our staff was marveling at how clean the place was, and how quickly our business got back to normal.  I hope that your crew understands that the work they do really matters.  For us, this wasn't just about losing business revenue.  It was about ending a situation causing extreme stress for our staff and disappointing kids who looked forward to visiting the store.  You saved the day!   Thank you :)   Maria

We had some unexpected fallout from a remodeling project at our business that covered a large section of floorspace in a thick coating of dust.  SERVPRO brought in air scrubbers to get the dust out of the air and sent over an amazing cleaning crew.  By the end of the next day, everything was perfect.  I couldn't be happier with the professionalism of the SERVPRO team and the quality of their work.  Thank you!

5 Stars

We ripped up carpet and found some concerns with molding. We had SERVPRO out to evaluate. They were prompt and evaluated the issues. Deanna offered suggestions on how to rectify some of the issues. She noticed some other possible issues, she took samples for testing to make sure we did not have major issues. We now have a space that is safe and clean.

Duct cleaning.  They did a great job and was done within a week of calling.  Thank you

Thank you for the quick response and great work!

Our non-profit had sprinkler pipes that froze and burst during the extreme cold of February 2015.  It flooded 1/4 of our 15,000 SF building.  We were devastated by the damage and amount of cleanup that would be needed.  Todd at SERVPRO was the calm in our storm.  He and his whole team were professional and so reassuring.  Everything was explained, equipment, length of time required for the job, estimated cost, everything.  SERVPRO worked well communicating with our insurance too.  SERVPRO was done and out in less than a week and we were able to reopen all of our services to the communities we serve. 

I can not express enough of the professionalism of this company.  If you have water damage call Todd, not every restoration service is as reputable.  Call SERVPRO as you'll be safe in their care, because they truly care.

Biohazard Remediation

I am happy with the services SERVPRO provided.  SERVPRO has been accommodating and responsive to our quick needs.

Todd-you’ve been over-the-top helpful! I appreciate all of it. Thank you again for going the extra mile!

Thank you for your quick response!  And thank you for the full estimate that was laid out nicely for insurance purposes! 

Learning about ERP's today was very interesting.  It is very relevant to my job and I would like my boss to pursue doing that.  

The commercial presentation that was presented over lunch today was all very informative.

Todd's and Brad's commercial presentation and lunch was helpful.  I wouldn't change anything.  

SERVPRO of Jefferson Co./Oconomowoc responded fast to a sewage backup in our restroom. They got rid of the backup and cleaned the restroom in a couple of hours, leaving it cleaner then before the backup. The techs that responded were courteous and very helpful letting us know the extent of the damage and what they were going to do to fix the issue. We recommend SERVPRO of Jefferson Co./Oconomowoc to any business that's in need of cleanup and repair work.