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Water Damage Testimonials

We had a lot of water in our basement. SERVPRO of Jefferson Co./Oconomowoc came in, got rid of it and dried everything out. Thank you for everything, no need to improve your OUTSTANDING service! Thank you!

I had a sewer backup in my basement that SERVPRO of Jefferson Co./Oconomowoc took care of fast. They did a GREAT job and I would HIGHLY recommend them!

Chaz and Matt from SERVPRO of Jefferson Co./Oconomowoc were very professional and courteous. Both of them answered all my questions and relived any concerns I had. They cleaned the area damaged by water very well.

We had a 2nd floor bathroom that had a burst water pipe that leaked a lot of water into or finished garage. SERVPRO of Jefferson Co./Oconomowoc came in and extracted all the water in a timely, professional manner. We HIGHLY recommend SERVPRO of Jefferson Co./Oconomowoc to everyone for their fast, professional service.

When our old hot tub leaked into our basement, SERVPRO of Jefferson Co./Oconomowoc was fast to clean up all the water. We are satisfied with their service and would recommend them.

SERVPRO of Jefferson County / Oconomowoc did a GREAT job getting rid of all the water that came down from my upstairs bathroom into the walls and ceiling of my dinning room. They offered great support and have a GREAT staff!

Everything went amazing with SERVPRO of Jefferson Co./Oconomowoc. We could not have asked for a better process or outcome in concerns with the burst water pipe from the upstairs bathroom that leaked into our finished basement. Fast, professional and courteous service from start to finish.

There was a high amount of water damage in my basement from a burst pipe that came from the outside spigot. SERVPRO of Jefferson County / Oconomowoc came in and dried 90% of the damaged basement with their air movers and dehumidifiers. Unfortunately they had to tear out the carpet and some drywall that was beyond repair. They dried and discarded everything affected quickly and professionally.

A pipe in the second floor bathroom vanity broke, causing water to run down the stairs. SERVPRO of Jefferson County / Oconomowoc unfortunately had to tear out the carpeting to take care of the problem. It was a job that was a lot more than we could handle, we're happy they did it for us. They were very fast and professional with getting the job done. Thank you SERVPRO!!

The guys from SERVPRO of Jefferson County were very efficient cleaning up the water in my basement that came from a leak that started in my main floor bathroom. Thanks!

SERVPRO of Jefferson County did a GREAT job cleaning up all the water that came in from our chimney, which leaked into one of our basement closets. They were fast and professional with cleaning it up. I would use them again!

1/3rd of my 900sq foot finished rec room was affected by water that came from a water heater that had a burst pipe. SERVPRO of Jefferson County / Oconomowoc sent their techs Chaz, Ryan and Matt to clean up the mess. They cleaned everything up quickly and with care, they were AWESOME to work with! They received all 10s on the customer satisfaction form. If the need arises again, I would call SERVPRO of Jefferson County / Oconomowoc without thinking about it.

Deanna (the Office Manager) was very friendly and sympathetic when we made our initial call. The techs were very conscience of our one year old. They reduced any noise whenever possible and even took care to close our daughter’s door and put a towel over the space at the bottom of the door when tearing out the hall flooring, as to minimize dust getting into her room. Everyone from SERVPRO of Jefferson County / Oconomowoc were friendly, courteous and respectful. THANKS!

SERVPRO of Jefferson County/Oconomowoc was courteous, polite and helpful throughout the duration of the job. Their personnel clearly explained the cleaning and restoration process. Overall, Bonnie and I are satisfied with their service and would recommend them to our friends, family and colleagues.

I had extensive water damage in my basement and SERVPRO Jefferson County / Oconomowoc did an EXCELLENT job getting the water out and making it "Like it Never Happened"! All 10s on the customer servey!

It was nice to be able to text my questions and concerns to the SERVPRO team at any time. All my questions were answered in a timely and processional manner. Our basement was restored back to how it was before this unfortunate incident. Thanks SERVPRO!